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 Briliantly's application for admin.

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PostSubject: Briliantly's application for admin.   Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:23 am

I want to be gm/admin on Kh GunZ.
I been admin before, on another server, Name ProGunZSoul, and I really like it, that's why i write to you about it now.
I'll tell u about what i want to do if i be admin on Kh GunZ.

Language:Danish (Denmark) English, abit Swedish.
How old:16 years old.
Played GunZ:2 years.
Online:8-10 hours at a day.

1. I'll never ignore people, even if they spam me, I'll allways answar them.
2. I'll be active, I'll use all my time on Kh GunZ.
3. I'll help the server/members/Staff to get a perfect gunZ server.
4. I'll never leave the server.
5. I'll never abuse the admin-power for example ban a person without reason.
6. I'll allways be happy, and I'll allways help people with evrything.
7. I'll ban people for Swapping/glithing/Hacking Or just breaking the rules on the server.

I really want this, I'll do evrything for be admin on Kh GunZ.

- Thanks!
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khGunz Owner
khGunz Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Briliantly's application for admin.   Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:51 am

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Briliantly's application for admin.
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